Adopt Till You Drop-A MEGA Adoption Event

Have you ever heard the expression, “Adopt. Don’t Shop.”? For many animal lovers, it may not be on the radar. But after an event last weekend at White Marsh Mall, it’s becoming better known.

The concept of adoption was not on my family’s radar when I was growing up. When I was 8, we found a breeder and bought a pet. In my early twenties, I did the same. When that dog died at 3 ½ of an aneurysm, I began calling breeders again.

I was shocked at the price for the dog I wanted. The breeder said, “Honey, go to the shelter and get yourself a nice little dog.” So I did. I found a schnauzer-poodle mix and loved him more than I can say. He was with me for 13 years.

That’s when “Adopt. Don’t Shop.” became a mantra for me. I can’t turn to a breeder when there are so many wonderful homeless pets. How many?

The ASPCA estimates approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year and approximately 2.7 million of them are euthanized.

The four major shelters here, (BARCS, the MD SPCA, Baltimore County Animal Services, and Bmore Humane) are always looking for new ways to find animals happy homes.

Enter the Mega Adoption concept…that’s pet-speak for “adoption on steroids.”

Mega adoption events bring many shelters together so potential adopters can see all their available animals in one place and adopt for free.

Last Saturday the four Baltimore area shelters plus Harford Humane held their second

Mega Adoption event called “Adopt Till You Drop”.

An incredible line of people snaked through White Marsh Mall, waiting to meet almost 200 dogs and cats available for adoption.

Said BARCS Executive Director Jen Brause, “A lot of people still think of animal shelters as a sad place to go. They’re really not, but people still feel that way. So, what we realized is we get the animals off-site, people feel better…and it really does bring out people that probably otherwise wouldn’t have gone to a shelter.”

The result? Every animal in the place went to a new home.

One adopter, Wendy McDermott, was thrilled. “We love the collaboration, “she said. “Shelters shouldn’t compete with one another.”

Dr. Melissa Jones, Chief of Animal Services in Baltimore County couldn’t agree more.

“We, the Baltimore animal rescue community, proved to everyone that when we all come together, great things happen! “ she says. “…the growing success of mega adoption events means that there will be more to come…I could not have been more proud our team, BCAS staff and volunteers. It brought me to tears to see this event unfold…”

Would you like to see how it all happened? Watch this short video for the exhilarating Mega Adoption experience!



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