The Milford Mill High School football team needed a kicker when the 1987 season began. Many high school teams back then didn’t have kids to kick field goals or extra points. Teams would simply make a weak attempt at punting on fourth down or, after scoring a touchdown, they would try the two-point conversion.

John Buchheister, Milford Mill’s football coach at the time, wanted to find a kicker, and one of his players persuaded a junior named Stuart Rubin to give the job a chance. Rubin had some soccer experience and came over to football.

It turned out to be a perfect match.

Rubin became a solid placekicker and a big reason that the Millers went undefeated in ’87 and won the Class 1A state title that season. Reggie White is their coach now and was their star defensive lineman then and later played in the NFL (but no, he’s not THAT Reggie White, the one who is in the Hall of Fame and sadly passed away in 2004).

White anchored the defense. Milford Mill could run on offense all game long, but having Rubin as the kicker gave the team an extra push. It showed up in a big way in the state final versus Havre de Grace, a game played at the University of Maryland on a cold, rainy day with temperatures in the low 40s.

Rubin went 4-for-4 on extra points, which helped Milford Mill rally for a 28-18 victory, and Havre de Grace did not have an extra point on any of its three touchdowns.

It’s been nearly three decades since that happened, and the now-45-year old Rubin, the lone Jewish player on that team, said winning that state title was one of his life’s best moments. “Other than [having] my daughter, Siena, [it was] the best feeling ever,” Rubin said.

He came back in 1988 and kicked well again, although Milford Mill did not win the state crown. Rubin became a solid defensive back also that season.

Rubin found his way into the restaurant/food business. He now runs Stu’s Sandwich Factory located in Glen Burnie, across from the Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Rubin lives in Catonsville with his wife, Katie, and 4-year old daughter.

The competitive fire still burns, though. Rubin regularly plays competitive softball with guys 20 years younger and says he can still kick a football very well. He certainly could do it 30 years ago and helped the Millers to a state title.

“I can still kick my age through the uprights,” he said with a laugh.

Photos of Stuart Rubin with wife, Katie, and daughter, Sienna, courtesy of Rubin family

Jeff Seidel is a Baltiimore-based freelance writer.






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