Dynamic duos who inspire and give back to the community

Barack and Michelle. Jared and Ivanka. Kim and Kanye. Ellen and Portia. Will and Jada.

Regardless of how you feel about them, these celebrities represent what we’ve come to regard as “power couples.” They’re people well-known in their own right for their professional and personal achievements, but also in relationship to each other.

Here in Jewish Baltimore, we have our own power couples. Granted, they’re not reality TV stars or rappers, don’t spend their days hanging out in the White House or in recording studios, and may not be household names. But their contributions are nevertheless noteworthy and highly appreciated.

In fact, when it comes to contributing to society and the Jewish precept of tikkun olam, or repairing the world, all of these couples have made their mark and influenced others to strive for professional and personal harmony and fulfillment.

Jmore pays tribute to some of the “empowering” couples in our midst who make a difference and never fail to inspire.

The Fine Art of Giving Back — Harel and Randi Turkel

Opposites Do Attract — Stacy and Paul Lurie

Good Counsel … & Good Cereal — Erika and Dr. Lew Schon

Humility and Support — Ilene and Dr. Bert Vogelstein

Empathy and Empowerment — Cindy and Rabbi Jay Goldstein

Powerful Stuff — Editor-in-Chief Alan Feiler wonders if his grandparents were a “power couple.”

Top photo: Erika and Dr. Lew Schon