Blue skies, crisp air and breathtakingly beautiful autumn leaves. Few sights or sensations can compare to October in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

From hikes around Lake Roland to hayrides and pumpkin patches to apple-picking at the Pearlstone Center to Ravens football, fall in Baltimore is a veritable feast for the senses.

Not sure where to begin? No worries. We took the liberty of checking in with some knowledgeable locals to hear about their favorite fall pastimes. Enjoy the season!

Heidi Klotzman

Heidi Klotzman (Photo by Steve Ruark)

Heidi Klotzman, CEO & founder, HeidnSeek Entertainment

Fall is a great time to reset. I enjoy reflecting about what the year has brought and how I can be more effective moving forward. I also like to organize home and workspaces to minimize physical and mental clutter.

HeidnSeek is a media sponsor for lots of charitable events, so I’m often attending one of those. I relish my work with clients, providing business marketing, event planning and promotion, especially through social media platforms.

I also like hearing live music, dancing if I’m feeling it, or just sinking into a comfy chair at fun spots with cool concepts and ambiance like Bookmakers, Citron and others. I try to make the most of fall’s mild weather by being as social and productive as possible.

I know once winter comes, I’ll want to stay inside, get away from the cold weather and hibernate until spring.

Siblings Stephanie and Josh Hershkovitz

Siblings Stephanie and Josh Hershkovitz (Photo by Steve Ruark)

Josh & Stephanie Hershkovitz, Owners of Hersh’s pizza in Federal Hill

Josh: I love how fall brings a perfect bounty at the farmers markets. Tomatoes and eggplants are still in season, but the different fall squashes and apples and pears are starting to come in. We’re obsessed with produce at Hersh’s, and with our Italian wood-fired oven. So I’ll make things like wood-fired pumpkin with house-made yogurt and toasted pumpkin seeds, or we’ll do handmade gnocchi with wood-fired apples and smoked chicken. Or a frangipane tart with pears. We love the Italian ethos of using local produce at the height of its deliciousness.

Stephanie: Fall is a fantastic time for booze. We’ll infuse vodka with apples and stir in regular and hard ciders for our Vodka Newton, and we’ll also infuse rye with figs for Hersh’s fall riff on a Manhattan, “The Baltimore.” We’ll also have various Oktoberfest beers on tap, which are brewed in the spring to drink at this time of year. Best of all, toward the end of November, we’ll start to serve our house-made eggnog, which includes an unusual and very delicious blend of aged tequila and sherry. It’s not a traditional Chanukah drink, but it does taste great with the latkes with house-smoked trout that my brother fries up for our customers every December!

Julie and Andrew Levine

Julie and Andrew Levine (Photo by Steve Ruark)

Andrew Levine, President, Baltimore Humane Society

My wife, Julie, and I and our four beautiful daughters — Alexandra, 27, Danielle, 25, and our 21-year-old twins, Samantha and Jessica — are all avid Ravens fans. During the fall, we enjoy watching Sunday football when we are together.

For home games, we have season tickets and tailgate with friends in the Ravens Roost [50 Foundation for Families] lot across from the stadium. We’ll also travel to some Ravens’ away games and are looking forward to going to our daughter Jessica’s homecoming football game at Virginia Tech. I’m president of the Baltimore Humane Society so when we’re not watching football, you may find us volunteering there. We can also be homebodies and enjoy gardening and just hanging out with our dogs. Life is great!

Lola Manekin

Lola Manekin (Photo by Steve Ruark)

Lola Manekin, Founder, Movement Lab

In Brazil, where I’m from, we don’t experience the four seasons the way we do here. When I moved to Baltimore in the fall of 2006, I remember being in deep awe of how gorgeous those red, orange and yellow leaves looked. I was obsessed with the pumpkin lattes, too!

As the temperatures drop, I spend more time indoors. One of my favorite activities is teaching and taking Nia classes at my studio, Movement Lab. Nia is a fitness and lifestyle practice that blends nine different movement forms including dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. For one hour, we dance our hearts out and sweat like crazy.

Since my Nia classes are non-impact, almost anyone can take and enjoy them. Another favorite pastime is the anti-gravity classes we offer. My husband [Thibault Manekin] and I get to spend time together — as we hang upside down — and our kids hang upside down at our children’s anti-gravity classes after school.

(Editor’s Note: Movement Lab will hold a program called “Honoring the Autumn: A Sacred Circle Dance Gathering” on Oct. 7. For information, visit

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