By Amidan C.
Sixth Grade, Krieger Schechter Day School of Chizuk Amuno Congregation

The newest middle school elective at Chizuk Amuno Congregation’s Krieger Schechter Day School (KSDS) is journalism. This class will enable students to write articles that will be published online right here by Jmore.

Many of the 14 sixth- and seventh-grade students enrolled this semester already have interviewed subjects and completed their first articles.

According to the current journalism students, the class is fun because they learn about the First Amendment, newspapers and how to write articles. The students think it is interesting, but also challenging because they must complete work outside of class.

“I signed up for this class because it caught my eye, and I love to write,” says Sara S., a seventh-grade student whose first article is about sharing technology knowledge with seniors at the Edward A. Myerberg Center.

She also notes that students are excited about the chance to be published in a community-wide magazine. The students are working hard on articles about hurricanes, Krieger Schechter Day School’s 36th anniversary, the Makerspace, new fifth graders and sports.

The class is taught by Vered Tasch Nusinov, a KSDS English teacher and English department head. She also serves as one of the students’ editors. During class, students work in different areas of the classroom, typing articles and interviewing people in our school community, including administrators, teachers, parents and other students.

Another seventh grade journalism student, Ellie B., is working on the final edits of her first article. Ellie decided to write about her recent visit to the Hawaiian Jewish community.

“I’m having a lot of fun exploring the different techniques used to write an article. I am also learning how different journalistic writing is from writing an essay for school,” says Ellie, when asked if she is enjoying the course.

Like Sara, Ellie enrolled based on her interest in writing.

“I decided to take this course because I’ve always had an interest in writing but have never had a chance to write something other than book reports and essays,” she says.

Top photo: Aaron M., Zachary W., Julian K., Dorian N., Brady B., Noah S., Lior G., Jessica T., Sara S., Isaac B., Fiona W. (left to right; not pictured Amidan C., Eliyah B.) Photo by Danielle Schollaert, Director of Marketing, Chizuk Amuno Congregation & Schools

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