2017 was a year of entertainment industry scandal and political upheaval — both nationally and internationally.

As we wrap up 2017 to clear the slate for a new year, let’s review:

Jmore's 2017 covers

Jmore’s 2017 covers (Photo by Amanda Krotki)

From Jmore:

2017 in Review: Jmore’s Most-Read Stories In 2017, we covered everything from synagogue mergers to the opening of a new kosher supermarket and the most important events affecting Baltimore’s Jewish community in between. Here are our 5 most-read stories on jmoreliving.com in 2017.

2017 in Review: Jmore Cover Stories: Here’s a recap of each of our 2017 cover stories. We can’t wait to see what stories grace our covers in 2018!

Boy, Do We Need Jimmy Breslin in the Trump Era: The worst thing to happen to journalism in the year of 2017 wasn’t President Donald Trump with his allegations of “fake news,” or even his taunting of honest reporters as enemies of the American people.

JTA’s most read stories of 2017 (JTA collage)

From JTA:

JTA’s Most Read Stories of 2017:  Among the nearly 5,000 pieces JTA published over the past 365 days, these are 10 that resonated with the readers the most.

The Top 10 Moments That Mattered to Jews in 2017: From the tumultuous first year of Donald Trump’s presidency to a wave of bomb threats against JCCs to the flood of high-profile sexual harassment allegations, Jews — like so many others — found it hard to take their eyes off the news in 2017.

The 7 Most Heartwarming Jewish Stories of 2017: Political turmoil, terror attacks and natural disasters around the world: 2017 had plenty of people feeling down, for good reason. But there were also notable moments of light. As this year draws to a close, here is a chronology of some of the more heartwarming stories JTA published this year.

10 Inspiring Jews Who Died in 2017: From a pioneering LGBTQ activist to a pair of legendary comedians to a 104-year-old haredi Orthodox rabbi, here are some of the Jews we lost in 2017 who left deep marks on their fields.

Gal Gadot, Harvey Weinstein Among Top 10 Most Mispronounced Words for 2017: The names Gal Gadot and Harvey Weinstein were among the top 10 mispronounced words of 2017, according to Babbel Magazine.

4 Ways Israel and American Jews Grew Apart in 2017: This hasn’t been a good year for Israel and American Jews.

Lorde Cancelled Her Concert in Israel. Here’s What 5 Other Artists Did This Year.

PressBox's most read

What were PressBox’s most read stories of 2017? (Photo by Kenya Allen/PressBox)

From our partners PressBoxOnline.com and Baltimore Fishbowl:

PressBoxOnline.com’s Most Read Articles Of 2017: Aside from fantasy football advice, which has a popularity that’s hard to rival, what were the most read articles of 2017 on PressBoxOnline.com?

PressBox: 2017 Cover Stories: Take a look back at PressBox’s 12 cover stories of 2017, from the rise of Stevenson athletics to beloved Orioles first base coach Wayne Kirby and the Ravens’ 10 years of Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh.

2017 Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Check out the fantasy football player rankings below, and click here for Ken Zalis’ latest fantasy football advice.

The 5 Strangest Baltimore and Maryland Stories of 2017: Weird news abounded in 2017, from oddball real estate to surprising nefarious (alleged) behavior. Here are Baltimore Fishbowl’s reports on some of the strangest things the last 12 months had to offer around Maryland.

Corruption and Reform? The 5 Biggest Baltimore Policing Stories of 2017

And looking ahead:

365 Blank Pages: New Year/New Journal

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