Dylan K., 14

Camp Airy is my home away from home.

During the school year, I think of how I desire to return to the steep hill, caring counselors and my amazing camp friends.  At camp, there are certain activities that keep me coming back each summer such as extreme sports, athletics, swimming, outdoors, drama, music and newspaper.

Personally, I am a Parkour enthusiast and love the daring physical challenges and obstacles of the indoor course. Whether it is attempting to land a front flip or being taught by the professional instructor to reach the top of the 10-foot-high warp wall, there are many challenges that I never get the opportunity to attempt at home.

When I first tried the Parkour, I was a natural. After some basic warm-ups and practice tumbles and falls, we reviewed basic safety rules. The game “The Floor Is Lava” was extremely fun due to my friends and me progressing from obstacle to obstacle without touching the ground.

We then ended the class with a friendly challenge to see who could make it the farthest up the warp wall. Although I was not victorious, I learned how to cope with difficult challenges and ended up finding a new activity that I was passionate about.

During school, I face similar challenges each day like studying for tests and completing projects. Thinking back to the obstacle course at camp and how I deal with its challenges helps me complete other challenges away from camp.

Through Parkour and bunk living, Camp Airy has taught me problem solving techniques and decision-making skills that will stick with me forever.