By Matt S., 13

This year is my fifth summer at Camp Airy, which means I experienced a lot of what camp has to offer.

My first two summers, I spent trying many different activities. After watching “Damn Yankees” and “The Music Man” performed by Camps Airy and Louise’s great actors and actresses, I decided that’s what I want to do.

When my third summer finally came around, I was excited to join the summer’s musical. When I first started, I was nervous but because of all the friendly faces surrounding me, I felt at home.

Camp Airy boys and Camp Louise girls get the option whether to do Airy’s or Louise’s plays. When you do the shows you spend a lot of your time at the theater and so you make great friends there. You meet people who you may not have ever met if it weren’t for the shows.

When you’re doing the show, you still have enough time to be with your friends and do other activities. For example, an activity you can do is writing for the camp’s newspaper. You can write whatever you want — articles, stories, or cartoons.

Another activity you can do is learning or get better at playing an instrument. There are counselors who will provide help with music lessons on instruments like trumpets or guitar as well as voice lessons. In your free time, you can climb on the playgrounds, play basketball on courts and much more.

Camp Airy offers so many options to allow campers like me to use creativity every day.