Emma P., 16

I’m having so much fun at camp!

By far, the highlight of my week is folk dance on Friday nights. The whole camp walks down to the gym wearing our whites for Shabbat and dances to all different kinds of songs in different languages. Everything is led by the folk dance counselors on the gym stage.

I am currently training as a folk dance CA and hope to be a folk dance CIT and folk dance counselor in the future. I used to think folk dance was just old-fashioned dancing, but now, because of camp I have learned that folk dancing can mean dancing to fast and upbeat songs, old and new.

In addition to folk dance on Fridays, we also have a folk dance festival each year. Festival is held in the Solarium, one of the most special places in camp. All of units A and B participate, and anyone from C, D, E and F can sign up. The trainee units, STs, CAs and CITs each have a special dance that they do every year of being a trainee.

Every third year has the same dance. My year has Mishaela. Doing Mishaela with my CA sisters, and last year with my ST sisters, has been the most meaningful experience of my time at camp. It becomes more meaningful each time we do it! I can’t wait to learn more dances and be on folk dance staff one day!