Andrew F., 11

When I first came up the staggering hill at Camp Airy three years ago, I noticed the go-karts. I immediately knew I would love them. The cool little cars, the big garage, the big track — I was living a dream.

Unfortunately, I was in Unit A and couldn’t drive them yet. Being a passenger is still pretty fun, but not as exciting as driving. I remember my first time, getting in and knowing that the next year I could drive it felt unreal.

My first time driving them was in Unit B. I hopped in, geared up and went pedal-to-the-metal. I was first in line, so I got the first car and I had a wide open lane. I remember my first turn, a 180-degree rotation. I nailed it. Some of my friends didn’t though. The race stopped, and the guide helped everyone and we went back at it.

When the camp turns 100 years old in 2024, I’ll be a CIT. That will be a special year for camp and for me. CITs have the best summers ever. They get to go to on amazing trips and be who everyone looks up to. It will be amazing to be one someday, especially when it’s the 100th anniversary of Camp Airy.

Camp is like my second home. I love coming here. I love everything about it. From go-karts to the food. From Parkour to nature. From the sports to playing cards with my friends. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.