Here’s Jmore’s guide to healthy living in the Baltimore area:

How Innovative Techniques are Changing Local Health Care — It’s something that most of us tend to take for granted. But among the advantages of living in the Baltimore metropolitan area is the incredible access to some of the best health care institutions and facilities in the nation.

Making Headway — Led by Dr. Beth Slomine and Dr. Stacy Suskauer, KKI’s Pediatric Brain Injury Program combines compassionate and holistic patient care with cutting-edge brain injury research.

Cosmetic Surgery More Popular than Ever Thanks to New Trends, Procedures — Jmore recently sat down with plastic surgeon Dr. Emile N. Brown to discuss the flourishing field and what drives people to have cosmetic surgeries.

Treatments Can Help People Impacted by Schizophrenia — Scientists at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Schizophrenia Center have been studying the genetics of schizophrenia among Ashkenazim, or Jews of Eastern European descent, said Dr. Fernando Goes, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the JHU School of Medicine.

Wake-Up Call — Jmore recently spoke with Dr. Steven Scharf about sleep disorders and their impact on general health.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy — Elite Jakob believes that eating healthy food can be fun, easy and quite delicious.

What is Ayurveda? — Ayurveda is the Indian science of health and well-being. Founded more than 5,000 years ago in southern India, the practice is known as the first form of medicine ever fully created.

Quick 5: Body and Soul — Stacy Schwartz, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, has enjoyed the privilege of watching patients grow from infants to young adults.

Title Boxing Club Brings New Fitness Approach to Owings Mills — Bradley Plotkin doesn’t consider Title Boxing Club — the national fitness chain whose franchise he’s bringing to Metro Centre at Owings Mills later this year — a gym but a real club.


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