You just left your job interview and feel it went pretty well. The first thing on your agenda should be to write a thank-you note.

No surprise there. Everyone wants an employee with good manners.

But here’s the question — handwritten note or emailed thank-you?

Which is better?

While there are plenty of people who prefer the traditional handwritten thank-you because they appreciate someone taking the time to sit down and put pen to paper, email is fine these days as an alternative.

Consider this:

  • Most application processes are conducted via computer, so receiving an email wouldn’t be a surprise following an electronic resume and cover letter;
  • An email allows you to include links or attachments to your work, giving the employer another chance to see what you can do for their company;
  • “Snail mail” can take a few days to get your message where it needs to go. Email is immediate, and that’s extremely helpful if the employer is making a quick decision.

Of course, the same rules apply whether you are writing or emailing your thank-you note. Use good grammar, be sure to proofread and send a thank-you to each person involved in the interviewing process.

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