As the vice president of Burtonsville-based Abrams Travel, Ron Abrams has done his fair share of globe-trotting, but there are still destinations he dreams of visiting. Jmore recently spoke with Abrams about his business, the place he’d most like to go, what he enjoys about working at a travel agency (with his mother), competitive horse riding, and more.

So what do you love most about your job?

Making other people’s dreams come true. The people and places inspire me. I like giving people these unique opportunities by helping them have the trips of their lifetimes.

I also love sharing my love for Israel, which is 80 percent of our business. I’ve personally been there 50 times, and I love it there.

Where would you like to go in the world that you’ve never been to?

China is my number one place. It’s an entire world, and there’s so much going on there. It’s the center of the Eastern world. Also, I really want to go to India.

What’s on your bucket list?

They say you should live everyday like it’s on your bucket list. I would love to compete at the American Eventing Championship at Kentucky Horse Park. That would be like playing football at M&T Stadium.

Why do you love competitive horse riding so much?

I get to accomplish something with a partner who doesn’t even speak English, and he’s doing exactly what I tell him to do. It’s just thrilling. We go to Waredaca Farm in Laytonsville, and it’s so beautiful there. I love it.

You grew up in Hyattsville and now live in Ellicott City, but what do you like most about Baltimore?

I come to Baltimore a lot. I love the pride that people have in this city. That’s the biggest thing to me. People from Baltimore love being from Baltimore. There’s not a lot of places like that anymore.

Your favorite place in Maryland?

I just love Annapolis. We kayaked around Annapolis recently and it was truly a wonderful experience. You see the [U.S. Naval] academy from the water, and it’s beautiful.

I also love the Catoctin [mountain park] and Ladew Gardens [in Monkton].

How do you like working with your mom? Not everyone could do that.

I love it. We’re both about making the client happy. We don’t care who gets the credit. We just want to get the job done and make people happy. Everyone who deals with us loves us. A lot of our clients have been coming to us since the ’80s. I just love helping people … well, most people.

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