Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-7th) died Oct. 17 at the age of 68 from longstanding health issues. Throughout his long political career, Cummings, a Baltimore native, enjoyed a particularly close relationship with the Jewish community of Maryland.

Cummings was the namesake and co-founder of the 21-year-old Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel, a two-year leadership fellowship for high school students in Baltimore.

Elijah Cummings Appealed to the Better Angels of Our Nature
From Michael Olesker: Elijah Cummings’ voice was the sound of conscience come to life. He reminded Americans throughout his political career that “we’re better than this.” [Read more.]

Elijah Cummings Challenged Us to Build a Better Baltimore and World
Delegate Shelly Hettleman pays tribute to the late Rep. Elijah Cummings: “While the world is a bit darker and will feel his absence, let us all keep the memory of Congressman Elijah Cummings alive by fighting for those most in need among us.” [Read more.]

Jmore takes a look back at Cummings and his impact on the city, state and nation through our coverage over the years:

Jmore Exclusive: Catching Up with Rep. Elijah E. Cummings
In March of 2017, Jmore caught up with Cummings to discuss national politics, the recent rash of anti-Semitic incidents across the nation and his thoughts on President Donald Trump. [Read more.]

Elijah Cummings and the Power of Prayer
In of June of 2018, Michael Olesker reflected on Cummings as he remembered an afternoon, nearly 20 years earlier, when he bumped into Cummings near his West Baltimore congressional district. [Read more.]

Hillary Clinton Speaks at Fundraiser for the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel
In 2017, Hillary Clinton served as keynote speaker at the biannual fundraiser for the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel. “His heart sets him apart,” Clinton said of Cummings at the event. “It’s no coincidence that he shares a name with an Old Testament prophet. Elijah the first was also interested in helping people solve their problems and was unafraid to speak out. That’s what Congressman Elijah Cummings does every single day.” [Read more.]

Beth Tfiloh Hosts Interfaith Town Hall Meeting on the State of Baltimore City
Cummings joined Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.), Beth Tfiloh’s Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg and Ashburton’s Liberty Grace Church of God’s Dr. Terris A. Kingo at Beth Tfiloh Congregation’s Town Hall Meeting on the city’s woes and challenges in September of 2019. [Read more.]

Local politicians, community leaders and organizations issued statements on Cummings’ passing:

Baltimore Jewish Council Mourns the Death of Congressman Elijah Cummings
“On behalf of the Baltimore Jewish Community, the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel, and The Associated, the Baltimore Jewish Council grieves the death of Congressman Elijah Cummings. Our community, our city, and our nation lost a friend, a man of faith, and a remarkable leader. He was a champion of the city he loved and all of our community’s needs, priorities, and values, with a constant focus on creating opportunities for young people.” [Read more.]

Congressman John Sarbanes (D-Md.)
“We have lost a giant. Elijah Cummings was a fighter, a committed public servant and a patriot in every sense of the word. He represented the best of our nation. Throughout his time in the public arena, Elijah worked tirelessly to bring better education, economic opportunity, health care and hope to the City of Baltimore, to Maryland and to the entire country. In Congress, he fought to uphold the Constitution, safeguard our democracy, protect the sacred right to vote, and hold the powerful accountable to the American people.” [Read more.]

Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young

“With the passing of U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the City of Baltimore, our country, and people throughout the world have lost a powerful voice and one of the strongest and most gifted crusaders for social justice.
“Rep. Cummings, the son of sharecroppers whose ancestors were slaves, wasn’t afraid to use his considerable intellect, booming voice, and poetic oratory to speak out against brutal dictators bent on oppression, unscrupulous business executives who took advantage of unsuspecting customers, or even a U.S. President. He was, put simply, a man of God who never forgot his duty to fight for the rights and dignity of the marginalized and often forgotten. 
“As we enter this period of mourning, let us remember his long legacy of justice as an example to us all of a life well lived.
“Rest easy, Congressman. We love you and will draw strength by remembering your selfless acts of service and dedication to pursuing equality and basic human rights for all people.”

Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III, President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“Our dear friend Congressman Cummings showed the nation how to lead with both authenticity and dignity. He represented Baltimore and Maryland masterfully. We know he cared deeply about all of us, and he understood the power of education to transform lives.” 

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party and Cummings’ Wife

“Congressman Cummings was an honorable man who proudly served his district and the nation with dignity, integrity, compassion and humility. He worked until his last breath because he believed our democracy was the highest and best expression of our collective humanity and that our nation’s diversity was our promise, not our problem. It’s been an honor to walk by his side on this incredible journey. I loved him deeply and will miss him dearly.”

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