Like most businesses, Delicious Desserts began simply as an idea. The founders, who love baking, wanted to put their culinary talents to use, so they created a business plan and launched their organization. 

But unlike most businesses, Delicious Desserts is the brainchild of a group of now 10th graders, some of whom go to Pikesville’s Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School. 

“For the first few years of Delicious Desserts, we would gather orders, bake everything on Sundays and bring it to school the following Monday,” says Ariella Kovacs, of the business that she and her friends, Tali Gheiler and Gal Evgey, started while in middle school. “Eventually, everyone was so desperate for Delicious Desserts, we created a website and started baking every night.” 

Delicious Desserts’ signature treats include Muddie Buddies, made up of Chex cereal, chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar, salted caramel brownies and Nutella Oreo cupcakes. 

“Nutella Oreo cupcakes are our own creation,” says Gal. “It’s awesome to sit and think of new desserts to make. You really can’t go wrong with Nutella, Oreos and cupcakes.”

Prior to getting into the kitchen, the girls typically go to a kosher supermarket to buy their own ingredients. 

“Going shopping together for the ingredients we need is great,” says Gal, who remembers coming up with the idea and company name while hanging out in a corner of Beth Tfiloh’s school gym. “We use our math skills to figure out our prices based on what we needed to spend, and then we get into the kitchen and bake. These are two of my best friends, and it’s a fun way to spend time together.” 

In addition to putting their profits toward ingredients, the girls are able to save a portion of the money for themselves and donate a portion to charity. 

“We had a friend who was sick at the time we started the business, which is why we decided to donate some of our money to charity,” says Ariella. “It’s nice to be able to donate to people who don’t have the same opportunities as us. Since we started, we have donated money to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Chai Lifeline, Ahavat Yisrael [Charity Fund] and an animal shelter.” 

For both Gal and Tali, baking runs in their blood. Gal’s aunt owns a bakery, and Tali’s mom has a cake-baking business. While all the girls find baking to be a calming hobby, they say they aren’t sure they want to make it their careers. Ariella and Gal think they want to become physicians, while Tali says she wants to become a therapist. 

No matter what fields they go into when they grow up, all three girls feel that owning and operating this business has taught them valuable life lessons. 

“I’ve learned to be patient with people and work together,” says Tali, who now goes to Jemicy School in Owings Mills. “I’ve also realized I can’t get stressed if something goes wrong, and there will be times when you have a person who doesn’t like you but you need to learn to get along with them.” 

All three girls say they now truly understand the value of a dollar. 

“This has taught me to be more independent,” says Gal. “I used to always have to ask my parents for money and now I don’t have to because I have my own.”

Adds Ariella: “Having this business has taught me how to save money. I realized I didn’t need all the money I was making, so I put it in the bank and was able to put it toward a camp trip, which is something I really wanted participate in.”

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