Looking for some dazzling seasonal entertainment that’s not explicitly holiday-themed? Check out Everyman Theatre’s new production of “Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express,” which will be presented through Jan. 11 at the Everyman, 315 W. Fayette Street.

The classic was adapted for the stage by award-winning playwright Ken Ludwig and directed by Everyman founder and artistic director Vincent M. Lancisi.

Based on the English writer’s 1934 detective novel of the same name, “Murder on the Orient Express” tells the story of a colorful and well-heeled group of passengers aboard a luxurious train traveling from Paris to Istanbul. Among the travelers is Hercule Poirot, a famous Belgian detective and one of Christie’s most beloved characters.

When one of the passengers is murdered, Poirot — played expertly and hilariously by a mustachioed Bruce Randolph Nelson, an Everyman resident company member — steps in to solve the crime.

Nelson is supported by a terrific cast, including company members Deborah Hazlett as Helen Hubbard, a flamboyant, flirtatious American; Jefferson A. Russell, as Poirot’s loyal friend Monsieur Bouc; Beth Hylton as the bizarre Greta Ohlsson; Hannah Kelly as the ingénue Mary Devenham; Danny Gavigan as a two-bit gangster; and Tony Nam as his subservient assistant. Joining the company are actors Helen Hedman as the snooty Princess Dragomiroff; M. Scott Mclean as a waiter and train conductor; and Lilian Oben as the elegant Countess Andreny.

"Murder on the Orient Express" runs through Jan. 5, 2020 at Everyman Theatre. (Photo courtesy of Everyman Theatre)
“Murder on the Orient Express” runs through Jan. 11, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Everyman Theatre)

Complementing the great performances is the show’s incredible staging. David Burdick’s 1930s-era costumes are splendid, and Daniel Ettinger’s sumptuous art-deco sets and windows that look out onto a snowstorm scene make audience members feel they, too, are passengers on the Orient Express.

For tickets to see “Murder on the Orient Express” visit everymantheatre.org.

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