Over the years, I’ve interviewed a lot of people but never have been told something’s off-the-record until sitting down with Jonathan, Jayne, Sidney and Ivy Havens.

Sid, 7, was the first. His big secret?

“Daddy always says Sidney Crosby can’t be my favorite [ice hockey] player because the [Pittsburgh] Penguins and the [Washington] Capitals are rivals, and we love the Caps,” he said. “But [Crosby] is my favorite because we have the same name and I like how he chose his number. His number is 87 because he was born in 1987.”

Please note that I didn’t violate Sid’s confidentiality here because both he and his dad agreed it was too cute not to share.

As 3-year-old Ivy sat in the family room watching the TV cartoon “Pinkalicious & Peterrific,” telling us we were “being too loud,” Sid stole the show with a series of one-liners.

“My favorite food is quesadillas, obviously.”

“It’s fun being a big brother. I think she loves me.”

“She definitely thinks I don’t do anything for her, but I really do everything for her.”

When we spoke about Jayne’s upbringing in Baltimore and her mom Amie Sue’s love for entertaining. Sid chimed in without missing a beat. “Yeah,” he said, “Bubbie does a great shiva.”

Clarified Jayne: “My mom is always the hostess. She is always cooking, baking and entertaining. She always pays attention to detail, so I think it’s in my blood.”

It’s one of the reasons Jayne believes she chose event-planning for her initial career. The other? “My mom was really good friends with Lynn Kotz, founder of Celebrations LLC, a large event planning company here in Baltimore,” said Jayne, a Park School and Boston University graduate. “I did my Park senior project with Lynn. She inspired me.”

Jayne met Jonathan after college while working as a caterer on Capitol Hill. But their paths crossed years before that.

They first met in 2004 during fall break at a University of Maryland football game, said Jonathan, who grew up in Montgomery County and graduated from the University of Virginia. They saw each other again while on Birthright trips. Then, years later, while Jonathan was a student at Catholic University’s law school, a friend started talking to him about her roommate. It was Jayne.

Married in 2010, Jonathan built up a successful law career working at the Food and Drug Administration and then in private practice. The family lived in the nation’s capital until Sid was 3, and Jonathan suggested they move to Baltimore.

“When we were dating, we would come to Baltimore a lot,” recalled Jonathan. “We both really love Baltimore, especially its community aspect.”

The family now lives in Lutherville and Jonathan is a partner at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, where he helped develop the firm’s food and drug group and started their cannabis practice.

Jayne has also transitioned professionally and is now a sleep consultant. She owns her own business called Snoozefest By Jayne Havens.

“I support parents through the process of teaching their children how to fall asleep and fall back to sleep independently,” said Jayne. “Families get different strategies depending on the parents’ disposition, parenting styles, what they feel their baby needs.”

Jonathan said he has watched Jayne’s business grow with a great sense of pride. “She has over 120 clients, created a course, our kids are doing wonderfully at Beth Tfiloh [Dahan Community School], and they are great sleepers,” he said. “She’s unbelievable for a number of reasons.”

Despite their hectic schedules, the Havens family still makes time for the Jewish community. Jayne was the first Lutherville connector through the Macks Center for Jewish Education, and Jonathan sits on the board of Towson University’s Hillel.

“Baltimore and the Jewish community welcomed me, and I wanted to have the opportunity to give back the same kindness I received,” he said. “I want to make sure people know they don’t have to grow up in Baltimore to be a part of the community.”