By: Julia L., seventh grade, Krieger Schechter Day School of Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, the 2020 election has been enthusiastically anticipated by his opponents.  Currently, 14 Democratic candidates are vying to be President, and of those, Senator Elizabeth Warren stands out. According to USA Today, Senator Warren has a very good campaign strategy and plenty of experience.  Despite the fact that the Democratic candidates are experienced and good strategists, none share all of the sound character traits demonstrated by Senator Warren. 

Warren is a bright, inspiring, strong woman who has a lot of debate experience. She was a winner of the November,October, September, and July Democratic primary debates. Even in high school, Warren stood out as an expert debater. According to CNN, she was the state high school debate champion located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Another positive about Warren is her campaign strategy. She dedicates a lot of time to meeting and talking to her supporters. In fact, according to The Guardian, Warren has taken 35,000 selfies with her supporters. Cheyenne Haslett, an ABC News correspondent who has followed several campaign rallies, confirmed that Warren spent hours taking selfies with her supporters. On the other hand, according to the Intelligencer, Vice President Joe Biden spent only 30 minutes taking selfies and speaking with his supporters.  

This strategy has had a positive outcome for Warren, constantly raising her numbers in the polls. Warren told CNN, “I get to hear what’s right at the top of [my supporters’] minds. But also, I love it because it’s— just for a moment — a spark of this is how democracy is supposed to work.” 

In addition to her relentless campaigning, Warren is knowledgeable in multiple fields, including, but not limited to, politics. When it comes to fighting for the working class, according to CNN, Warren speaks from experience; her father was a janitor, and her mother was a department store worker. This puts her at an advantage; she is someone people can trust when it comes to fighting for the working class because she has been there. 

Warren also has experience dealing with banks and financial issues. According to CNN, she was named president and special adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury by President Barack Obama. In a press release by the Obama White House in 2010, President Obama announced the appointment of Elizabeth Warren to serve as assistant to the President and special advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The same release announced that President Obama signed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, enacting the strongest consumer financial protections ever and creating an independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren assumed the lead role in setting up the Bureau and ensuring “it is as effective as possible.” 

Warren did help to launch the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She is also an expert on bankruptcy law, having served as an advisor to the National Bankruptcy Review Commission in the 1990s. She has written and co-written 11 books about multiple topics, including financial inequality.  Furthermore, Warren worked as a professor at Harvard Law School and the University of Pennsylvania Law School; before then, she served as a speech pathologist at a New Jersey elementary school, according to CNN Fast Facts. 

Warren’s political experience consists of eight years in the U.S. Senate. One question raised by The New York Times is whether she is electable. The newspaper claims electability is determined after an election not before; not even President Trump thought he was electable. Also, according to CNN, surely people did not think an African-American senator with an Arabic middle name would become President and win reelection.

According to Common Dreams, a non-profit independent news center created in 1997, the next great President needs to be someone who: “inspires the public with deep progressive values and will move us towards a more progressive future where everyone can thrive, makes the connections between racial, social, and economic injustice, and commits to platform positions to see these connections, prioritizes reversing Trump’s hate-fueled, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, and racist policies that put communities—including immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ, among others—at risk.” Warren has addressed all of these issues and put forth plans to solve them. 

According to her campaign website, Warren will work to pass the Equality Act as soon as she is put in office. This act aims to ensure the safety of all LGBTQ+ people, making discrimination illegal.  She will also put forth a plan that works to achieve 100 percent clean energy for America by decarbonizing electricity, vehicles, and buildings. When it comes to saving the middle class, Warren also has great ideas. She put together a tax plan that takes two cents of every dollar of those who have a net worth of $50 million or more. This would fund universal childcare, student loan debt relief, and down payments on the Green New Deal and Medicare for All programs. 

In conclusion, Warren is the president that the United States of America needs. She has a great campaign strategy, a lot of experience, and innovative ideas, and she is capable of defeating President Trump. The American people need to focus on who we want to see in office for the next four years. Warren is someone who can identify with all of the traits that make a great president.

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