Christopher Dean Smouse, Owner/Designer, and Michelle Maust, Award-Winning Senior Designer, Urban Gardens Inc.

Landscape. Design. Build.

Christopher “Dean” Smouse has been passionate about garden design since growing up among a family of gardeners in London, England. After finishing high school, he pursued studies in golf course construction and turf management at the University of Maryland, but soon realized that landscape design was where his future lay. After college, he got valuable hands-on experience working in the field and, in 2006, was ready to open his own firm, Reisterstown-based Urban Gardens Inc. With eight employees, Dean’s goal is to remain a small, detail-driven company, focusing on designing, installing, and managing projects from start to finish. “I made the right decision and I work hard to get better every day,” he says.

From rooftop gardens to modern art and sculpture and water and fire features, the goal of Urban Gardens is to create spaces that change the way their clients feel. “We have no desire to put a limit on what outdoor spaces can be,” says Dean.

Dean wants prospective clients to know that there are no projects that are too big or too small. “Many people believe that designs are not necessary, or that their project is not big enough for a design,” he says. “That’s not the case. Think of design as a safety net. Design services protect your investment, assure that you get the most out of your money, and provide you with an understanding of what you should expect when the project is complete. Our designers, led by our senior landscape design consultant Michelle Maust, listen to what you say and want to help you achieve your goals.

“Today, more than ever when we’re staying at home, it makes sense to invest in your landscape,” Dean continues. “You can have the world right in your own backyard.”

Urban Gardens Inc.
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