It’s time for our long national nightmare to end.

It’s time we had a president who respected science and led a commonsense approach to the pandemic.

It’s time that we had a president who didn’t think locking children in cages and separated from their mothers was acceptable.

It’s time we had a president who respected the basic tenets of democracy — voting rights, election sanctity, the separation of powers, etc.

It’s time we had a president who didn’t try to use the apparatus of government — the Justice Department, the U.S. Postal Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, etc. — to further his own political and personal objectives.

It’s time we had a president who wasn’t a liar and a cheater — does anyone need the 20-page list for this item?

It’s time we had a president who knows that everyone in our society deserves equal opportunity, safety, respect and protection under the law.

It’s time we had a president who pays his taxes, is transparent to the people about his finances, isn’t stealing from his own political donors, didn’t lie to avoid Vietnam, and didn’t pay another student to take his SATs.

We could go on and on with this list. Clearly, electing a dishonest man with a congenital personality disorder was a huge mistake. As Jews, let us not make the mistake of being paid off with a few trinkets directed at our support of Israel.

Joe Biden is a decent man with vast government experience. He will return to a more normal style of government. The issues around his son are real but not criminal, and the father is not responsible. Biden has suffered in many ways and will show compassion to the poor, suffering, elderly, etc. He will be a president in the style of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He will support Israel because America supports Israel, and he has always done so in the past.

Jmore endorses Joe Biden for the presidency of the United States. Let’s make America great again and elect Mr. Biden. Let’s end this national nightmare.