The right-wing cable pundits have convinced large swathes of the population that hate is OK if you justify such ideologies as a holy war against political correctness. It is OK to hate black people, immigrants, women, Jews, gays if you accuse anyone who calls you out as just trying to make you politically correct.

I have decided that if the haters can use that tactic, then so can an unrepentant liberal like myself. But what do I hate? I’m a big believer that the greatness of this country is the concept of the U.S. being a melting pot, so I support the rights of all those groups that the right-wing hates.

After days of thought, I realized what I really hate — stupid people. Yes, stupid people. Please don’t attack me for this. I’m immune. I’ve been vaccinated with the “I’m not politically correct” defense vaccine.

Let’s define stupid people. I will start with the obvious. Anyone not listening to public health officials and not wearing masks and distancing is just stupid. I’ve heard otherwise intelligent folks insist that the pandemic is a hoax. One young local lawyer recently said, “It can’t be that bad, I don’t know anyone who has died.” Just stupid. Sorry, I’m not politically correct.

How about folks who insist the election was stolen from Donald Trump? I love the basic ludicrous claim, “It had to be stolen because he was winning early on Election Night but by the next day, magically millions of Biden votes appeared.” Please, Please, Please, the orange-headed genius insisted that his followers forgo mail-in ballots.

Mail-in ballots were counted later at the insistence of Republicans who secretly hoped this would lead to the invalidation of mostly Democratic mail-in ballots. How has that legal strategy worked? Just stupid.

Anti-vaxxers. Led by a dishonest British researcher and the uninformed babbling of Jenny McCarthy, many Americans refuse to vaccinate their children. They will probably refuse Covid vaccines. These folks are a subset of the many folks who think science in general is some plot by doctors supported by criminal drug companies. Just stupid.

Oh, I almost forgot — folks who don’t believe in global warming. Coal, oil, and automobile companies have been supporting a national disinformation campaign. Wonder why? The right-wing took the money from the big interests and then convinced their base that evil scientists are part of a big national hoax because they hate America. If you believe this, you are stupid. Sorry, you really are. Your grandchildren will blame you if we fail to act.

My editors always tell me I should avoid insulting people. We print as much as 16,000 copies of Jmore each month. With 35,000+ readers every month (and thousands more who read online) we have become the leading Jewish publication in Baltimore. I’m sure to have insulted a few of our regular readers, but I’m tired of debating stupid people. I’m tired of telling them the facts of science or the facts of the election and them arguing nonsense. From now on, when they say something stupid, I’ll make my life easier and just tell them they are stupid. No debate. No explanation. I won’t change their minds anyhow. I’ll just be politically incorrect.

Scott Rifkin, MD, Publisher

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