July 26, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
B'nai Israel Congregation
27 Lloyd St
Baltimore, MD 21202
$20 general, $17 members (+$3 at the door)
B'nai Israel
World Acappela: Iberi Choir of Georgia @ B'nai Israel Congregation | Baltimore | Maryland | United States

This concert is another in the continuing series of sacred music inside B’nai Israel’s majestic sanctuary, sponsored by the Creative Alliance and B’nai Israel Congregation with the generous support of the Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Fund of the Associated.

The Iberi Choir hails from the Republic of Georgia, home to one of the world’s most distinctive choral traditions, with male singers providing gorgeously rich, shifting blocks of improvised harmony, crowing falsetto over the growling basses and soaring tenors. For Georgians, singing isn’t just a dramatic and intense stage performance, it’s a social thing, deeply rooted in Georgian culture and history. Georgian culture and history are inseparable fro its music which is characterized by its tight vocal harmonies and noted for expressing the range of human emotion and experience through the freedom of improvisation. In brief, the Georgian song responds to each vibration of the human soul, giving musical life to it various states and conditions.

The Iberi Choir has toured internationally and, with their inimitable passion and unmistakable skills, has won over many a heart in different corners of the world. Not only will this be an incredible performance of the rarely heard Georgian vocal tradition inside a sacred space, but Baltimore vocal wizard and hip hop beat boxer Shodekeh will be sitting in with Iberi for a song during this concert for a musical collaboration that stretches from the Caucasus to Charm City.

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