Our Company

JMORE is a new multi-platform media company that tells the vibrant story of the Jewish community in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area online, in a free monthly magazine and through social media. JMORE will offer coverage of news, events, trends, sports and milestones, as well as features, profiles and other matters of particular interest to the community. JMORE will appeal to Jews of all religious and cultural perspectives, ages, genders, and socioeconomic strata. Our goal is to present a well-balanced and all-inclusive perspective on the community.

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Publisher: Scott Rifkin, MD

Managing Partners: John Coulson, Jonathan Oleisky

Editor-in-Chief: Alan Feiler

Associate Editor: Simone Ellin

Copy Editor: Christian Zang

VP, Director of Sales & Partner: Lauren Esakoff

Sales Executives: Ira Gewanter, Dede Glassband

Graphic Design: Molly Blosse

Distribution & Events Manager: Kelly Chase

Digital & Social Media Manager: Amanda Krotki