Spencer A., 11

Back when Camp Airy’s huge zipline, called the Mega Zip, first opened in the summer of 2016, I was nervous about whether or not I should try it. So I didn’t.

Now this year, I have finally tried the tall 60-foot zipline. I regret not doing it last year because I really enjoyed it. As the second week of camp this year approached, my bunk got a chance to go on the zipline, and I was still scared. I told my counselors I was nervous to go on the Mega Zip, and they helped by encouraging me to do it.

I said to myself, “How hard can going on a zipline be?”

I got into my harness slowly and started my way up the stairs. When I was a few flights up the staircase, I felt a cold chill run through my body as I walked all the way up to the top of the six- story tower. Then, as I was hooked onto the zipline, I just jumped without thinking how scary the Mega Zip could be and I couldn’t believe that I was actually riding the zipline. I was really happy that my counselors encouraged me to do something that I turned out loving. After, I hustled up the field as if I were playing for a football game because I was so excited. I loved the zip line so much that I ran back in line to do it again!

Ever since that day, I realized I didn’t need to be scared, and I know now that if you try new things, then you might turn out loving them.

Having activities like the Mega Zip makes me love camp even more.

Spencer A.

Spencer A., spinning the birthday wheel at Camp Airy (Handout photo)

This is my fourth year at Camp Airy, and I’m lucky that I get to celebrate my birthday with my friends every summer. I get to spin the “Wheel of Birthdays” to win a prize. This year, I won the chance to run Campteen and it was great!

Being at camp makes me feel like I have another home where I get to spend time with my friends and have a blast!

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