Baltimore is infamous for its exceptionally humid summers. But muggy August days don’t mean you can’t keep your face looking fresh and your style sleek. Armed with some expert advice and product recommendations from Jmore Beauty Expert Ariel Lewis, you’ll be good to go, no matter where you’re headed this month. 

Base or Baseless? 

Ideally, bare-faced is best for outdoor summer activities. When we’re swimming and sweating, who has time for makeup touch-ups? Those with darker coloring will have an easier time skipping the foundation since their skin produces more melanin which helps to camouflage minor discolorations and imperfections such as under eye circles or blemishes.

If you feel naked without your base, try switching to mineral powders with SPF. Ariel’s favorites are made by Bare Minerals and Jane Iradale. If your heart is set on liquid foundation, make sure it includes silicone which creates a thin barrier between your skin and the humidity, preventing foundation from running down your chin! 

Blush or blushless? 

Feel free to use blush during the summer, but forego powder formulas that may streak in the heat. Instead, enhance sun-kissed skin with blush sticks or cream formulas that tend to be sheer and more natural looking. Choose a shade that mimics the color of your cheeks after a long hike. Uncertain which hue looks best on you? Just about every complexion look great in peony pink.

Shimmer or Matte? 

Summertime is one of the only times of the year you can get away with all-out shimmer. Rock a little bronze, gold or champagne-hued shimmer eyeshadow on summer evenings or even during the day. Take care to avoid shimmery shades in eyelid creases. Shimmer settles into creases and fine lines, aging you instantly.

Instead, make evening looks pop by using matte brown shadow in lid creases.


It pays to buy a sunscreen that’s especially for your face. The skin on your face and body are different with facial skin being far more sensitive. To avoid having to use both a sunscreen and a foundation, Ariel recommends using a makeup with sunscreen. Her favorite product for faces? La Roche- Posay. It has just a hint of color, adjusts to the complexion and it’s 100 percent waterproof.

Famous Last Words 

Don’t be afraid to add just a dash of color to your summertime makeup routine. Teal, turquoise and even fuchsia are fun, trendy colors that scream summer. Apply black mascara to top eyelashes and teal mascara to bottom lashes. Or try using a vanilla-hued matte eyeshadow on your brow bone and eyelids; a bit of champagne shimmer shadow on your lids and a pop of turquoise eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes.

Ariel Lewis is the owner of Airbrush Makeup by Ariel and the Alist. For information, visit or

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