Immigration — I’m on both sides of the fence. How about you?

Yes, both sides. We should allow all law-abiding undocumented immigrants to stay in America and not worry about being extradited. And we need the wall to be built.

Immigration is a major issue facing our country that should not be politicized. We are dealing with human beings who have taken many risks to enter our country.

Hello, any politicians of any party home? Hmm, again it seems like a light’s on but nobody’s home.

To me, it’s a huge no-brainer! Are we really going to track down 11 million people and send them back? How much time, manpower, energy and money would it take to identify, “catch” and extradite 11 million people?

It’s absurd to think this is remotely possible. Yes, we should find the 5 to 10 percent that are troublemakers and get rid of them. But the “other” 90 percent are here to become a part of our American fabric and we should welcome them!

The Democrats are all over President Trump for trying to implement laws we ALREADY have. But when the Democrats were in power and had their chance, they didn’t get it done. Trump is trying to do the impossible and the Democrats are busting his chops about it. To no one’s surprise, immigration has become a hot political football that no one wants to touch. Once again, both parties are leaving the American people hanging.

So to cool off this hot topic, here’s a common-sense immigration plan: Develop an incentive plan for immigrants to register for American citizenship. Initially, create a six-month window period where all undocumented immigrants can register to become American citizens. Once they are registered, they are protected by law and can’t be extradited.

Another big incentive is when these immigrants register for citizenship, they qualify for health care. We’re already paying for it anyway! Why do you think our hospital bills are beyond the moon? It’s because when someone enters the emergency room, the hospital will (and should) give them treatment. And who do you think is paying for it? Those who currently have health care. The hospitals (understandably) pro-rate their costs, which includes their “goodwill” to those who can’t afford health care and pass it on to those who do have health care.

And who is going to be the biggest winner with this approach? We are! The United States! Here’s the “trade-off” — as these undocumented immigrants become American citizens, they receive a Social Security number and become legal taxpayers! This is another good way to help us get closer to balancing our national budget, which will help us cut down on our national debt!

Now for the “other” side of the fence. The build-the-wall issue is also a no-brainer. No one can argue that our immigration institutions have been overwhelmed for quite some time. No one can argue we must stop the criminal element from sneaking into our country. No one has been able to share with me what to say to families of victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. No one can argue the overflow of undocumented immigrants is significantly adding to our overburdened financial crisis. No one can argue this is not fair to tax-paying Americans. AND no one can give me a good argument as to why we shouldn’t build a wall.

We’re not saying no to people who want to come to our country. We’re asking everyone who wants to come to become an American citizen to take the proper legal steps to do so. We’re not “cutting off” or stopping people who want to become part of our American way; we just need to create a steady, safe and organized “flow” that works and is fair for everyone.

Do we need a wall? Yes! The wall will certainly cut back the number of people illegally entering our country. Not to mention this would greatly alleviate the burden on our border patrol, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

So there you have it — a basic structured way to correct one of America’s biggest challenges. Everybody wins with this, even our stagnated politicians. Hopefully, they will see the light and use these simple suggestions to fix our immigration problem. If our politicians come through for us, we should open our arms to them — just like we will with our future fellow Americans.

A former businessman with an extensive background in community service, Charlie Levine is founder and executive director of the Team Up For 1 Foundation, a nonprofit that connects children with challenges to the experience of team sports. He is also former executive director of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

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