What makes a successful media professional? At Jmore, in honor of our media company’s one-year anniversary, we talked with five of Charm City’s leading Jewish media personalities to find out. Interestingly, several common themes emerged. For starters, many of the media folks we interviewed are proud natives of Baltimore. And even when given the opportunity to tackle their respective professions in bigger, more high-profile markets, they chose to either return to Baltimore or to eschew the offers to leave altogether.

Almost unequivocally, they credit their parents for providing unconditional support and role modeling that allowed them eventually to thrive in the careers of their choice. Also, regardless of how skilled they are today, these seasoned media professionals reported doing whatever it took — from accepting jobs in off-the-beaten-path markets to working less-than-desirable shifts to completing lengthy or multiple internships — before landing the jobs they’re doing today.

What really makes this core group shine is their seemingly innate desire and ability to connect with their audiences, whether in TV or print, on the radio or online. In turn, these respected media professionals possess equally loyal local audiences that look to them for information, inspiration and, at times, humor regarding all the things about Baltimore that matter most.

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Deborah Weiner, ‘You Really Have To Be Empathetic’

Jerry Coleman, ‘Serving the Fans’

 Ron Matz, ‘Crazy, Wonderful Ride’

Rhea Feikin, ‘Be Yourself’

Max Weiss, ‘It’s An Honor’

Elizabeth Heubeck is a Baltimore-based freelance writer. All photos by Evan Cohen.

Top image: From our October cover: Ron Matz, Jerry Coleman, Deborah Weiner, Rhea Feikin and Max Weiss (left to right)

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