Are you looking for an international spin on latkes? Or, perhaps an updated version of the tried-and-true jelly doughnut? How about some brisket?

Here are some last minute options for your Festival of Lights celebrations.

Apple Kuchen with Hot Cream Sauce
Apple Kuchen with Hot...
Beet + Sweet Potato Latkes
Beet + Sweet Potato Latkes
Blue crinkle cookies
Blue Crinkle Cookies Recipe...
Cauliflower Rice
Cauliflower Rice
Cheesy Kale and Potato Gratin
Cheesy Kale and Potato...
Chocolate Babka Doughnuts
Chocolate Babka Doughnuts
Creamy Potato Latkes
Forget the Crunch – Try...
Grilled Prime Beef Brisket
Grilled Prime Beef Brisket...
Tunisian fried fish with cooked tapenade
Hoot Mookli
How to Make Perfect...
Japanese-Style Latkes
Japanese-Style Latkes for Chanukah
Jewish Bow Tie Cookies
Jewish Bow Tie Cookies
Lemon grass and chicken soup
Lemon Grass and Chicken...
Old Fashion Brisket
Old-Fashioned Brisket
Plantain Kugel
Plantain Kugel Recipe
Potato Cakes
Mondel bread
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mondel...
beet latkes
Savory Beet Latkes
Spicy Seared Salmon
Spicy Seared Salmon
Sweet Potato Kohlrabi Latkes with Labneh
Sweet Potato-Kohlrabi Latke Thinnys...
mini jelly doughnuts
The Easiest Chanukah Jelly...
Toasted Cashew Asparagus
Toasted Cashew Asparagus
Dinah Winnick
World's Best Babka
Yoo-Yoo on serving tray
Za’atar and Olive Focaccia
Za'atar and Olive Focaccia
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