Newlyweds Marisa Obuchowski and Adam Yosim remember their first encounter as — literally — magical.

“We met at a Charm City Tribe ‘Schmooze and Brews’ event in June 2015,” says Adam, 30, an account executive at Stanton Communications. “A mutual friend called me over to the bar and Marisa said, ‘I hear you do magic tricks.’ I usually carry a deck of cards around with me, but didn’t know I was going to the bar from work. So instead I did a trick with a piece of string and a ring. I guess she was impressed.”

But running into each other at the event, geared toward Jewish young adults living in downtown Baltimore, wasn’t entirely luck of the draw.

“Our mutual friend was trying to set us up and had really hyped Adam up,” recalls Marisa, 28, who works at The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore as a senior associate for Israel and Overseas Engagement. “I happened to have tickets to a magic show that I won three years prior and was holding on to. I figured, ‘Here’s this guy who does magic and I have these tickets,’ so I asked if he wanted to go.”

Adam and Marisa went on their first date just days after that initial meeting. They had dinner out before attending a Spencer Horsman variety show at the Illusions Bar and Theater in Federal Hill.

“Little did I know, Adam had already been to the show twice,” says Marisa, a New Jersey native.

But it didn’t seem to matter. They have been together every day since that first date. For Adam, who grew up outside of Raleigh, N.C., meeting Marisa was a breath of fresh air.

“Marisa was the first person I met organically after moving to Baltimore in February 2015,” he says. “With Marisa there weren’t any games, it just came naturally for us. She’s very genuine and brings out the best in everyone she’s around.”

The couple married last May at the Baltimore Museum of Industry — a day they both describe as “perfect.”

“The ceremony was held outdoors and officiated by Rabbi Jessy Gross, who is the [founding] director of Charm City Tribe,” says Marisa. “Because we met at a Charm City Tribe event, we felt it would be a nice way to start this chapter and have it come full circle. Our wedding was the most fun. People were dancing the whole night.”

Since neither of their families are originally from Baltimore, incorporating the city’s history into the couple’s special day was important, says Marisa.

“We felt if we were going to bring [our guests] to Baltimore we wanted to show it off,” she says. “The museum had the history of the city and the views.”

During the course of their relationship, Adam and Marisa have gone through individual changes but their love for one another has never faltered.

“Our relationship has always been really easy,” Marisa says. “If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I think going into a relationship, both individuals have to know who they are and what they want. Then together you can tackle any obstacles or struggles.”

While Marisa and Adam are looking forward to “new chapters and additions,” for now they are enjoying life as newlyweds.

“We have a weekly date to the farmers market,” Adam says. “We have our favorite stands and go rain or shine. It’s something Marisa did with her family growing up, and now we do it together.”

Aliza Friedlander is a Baltimore-based freelance writer.