Abby Stein joined Jmore on Weekend Agenda at on March 23.

Abby Stein and Simone Ellin

Abby Stein and Simone Ellin in the Jmore Facebook Live studio on March 23, 2018. (Photo by Amanda Krotki)

During the show, she discussed dealing with sexism (“Nothing could have prepared me for that.”), her Soul Center appearance (“I loved the amount of engagement from the audience.”) and her Vogue photo shoot (“It felt very good to be able to show this is who I am.”).

Stein stressed that we’re all just trying to live our lives. “We all go through transitions. We all go through change in our lives,” she said.

And she had one last reminder for the viewers: “Refusing to shut up is very important. Don’t shut up.”



To hear what else Stein had to say, watch the episode here: