Rabbi Eli Yoggev of Beth Tfiloh is teaching a Judaism for Beginners course through Feb. 11. Jmore‘s Amanda Krotki is attending the class and blogging about her experiences, sharing her thoughts on the topics along the way. Read each of the blog posts here.

Yay! School supplies! I like this class already. (Photo by Amanda Krotki, Jmore)

Jewy by Nature — As Jmore’s Digital Manager, it couldn’t hurt to know the difference between a mohel and meshugah, a mitzvah and a mikveh, a schlemiel and a schlamazel. These are things that might be good to have in my M.O.T. (Member of the Tribe) toolbox.

A (Gefilte) Fish Out of Water — J-school is in session! Last night, I stepped way out of my comfort zone and into a synagogue. Let’s just say it’s the first time I did that in a month (or several) of Shabbats. A gefilte fish out of water, if you will. (Nov. 19: What You Need to Know About Judaism)

Look at that spread. Best. Class. Ever. (Photo by Amanda Krotki, Jmore)

In Judaism, You Ask for a Nosh and You Get a Nosh! — Some of you may remember that I casually mentioned that Rabbi Eli Yoggev’s Judaism for Beginners class at Beth Tfiloh Congregation could only be improved upon with the addition of something to nosh on. (Nov. 26: Foundations of Jewish Belief)

My So-Called Jewish Life — It was a chilly, get-under-the-covers-and-stay-there night when I arrived for my latest class of Rabbi Eli Yoggev’s Judaism for Beginners course at Beth Tfiloh. The topic would be “Daily Jewish Living,” or as Rabbi Yoggev put it, “What a normal day looks like.” (Dec. 10: Daily Jewish Living)

Life in the Valley Overshadowed by Death: A Jewish Chaplain’s Unforgettable Day in Hospice Care — We let Rabbi Yoggev explain his experience grappling with the afterlife in this piece he wrote in 2017. (Dec. 10: Daily Jewish Living)

Class materials
Class materials: We did some heavy lifting on spiritual matters in Judaism for Beginners. (Photo by Amanda Krotki, Jmore)

Like a Prayer — The class on prayer was presented as a “very fast” road map of the traditional prayer book, “The Koren Siddur.” (Jan. 7: Jewish Prayer and Spirituality)

Laying Down the Laws — The Jan. 14 class was meant to serve as an introduction to Jewish law and custom – and a sort of beginner’s Torah, if you will. (Jan. 14: Introduction to Jewish Law and Custom)

T.G.I. Shabbat — There are two types of commandments for Shabbat. The Negative Commandments are about guarding (not desecrating) the Shabbat. The positive commandments are about remembering (enhancing and enjoying) the Shabbat. (Jan. 21: Shabbat)

Holidays and Confused — There are a lot of Jewish festivals and holidays. That’s the first thing you should know before settling into the Jan. 28 Judaism for Beginners class with Rabbi Eli Yoggev. (Jan. 28: Festivals)

Two Roads Diverged and I Took the One Less Orthodox — On this, the penultimate class, Amanda makes a decision. (Feb. 4: Hot Button Issues)

Did Jew Get All That? — All good things must come to an end and we wrap up the course with an open Q&A session. (Feb. 25: Ask the Rabbi)

Haggadah Lotta Questions — Rabbi Yoggev presented a special Passover Haggadah workshop complete with bad jokes.

For more information, contact eyoggev@btfiloh.org.

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