Dogs (especially Goldendoodles, it seems) and cats are well-represented in the Jmore family. For our annual Pets Issue, we asked staff members to share the stories of how their loved ones came to live with them, the indispensable role they play in our lives and — in some cases — the seismic shifts that transformed us into pet people. In the interest of fairness, we even included one essay from a furball naysayer.

Read the essays here:

Lucy the Cat

“Lucyfur” (Photo by Molly Blosse)


Rescue MissionAlan Feiler never thought he was a cat person. Then he met Baby.

For the Love of ‘Lucyfur’Molly Blosse and her cat have a love-hate relationship.





Libby the Prophet (Photo by Simone Ellin)


Venus the Mercurial Pup — Lauren Esakoff’s Goldendoodle came from the stars … or Seattle via San Francisco.

Libby the ProphetSimone Ellin‘s Goldendoodle knows a doo-doo head when she sees one.

In Praise of My Three Furry ‘Siblings’ — Intern Natalie Jeffery‘s three dogs helped her through her teenage heartbreaks.


No Poop

No poop! (Photo by Amanda Krotki)

None of the Above

Pet PeevedAmanda Krotki would rather cuddle up with something of the human variety.