UMB Council for the Arts & Culture — 1807: An Art and Literary Journal

University of Maryland, Baltimore
620 W. Lexington St.,
Baltimore, Md., 21201

Bringing Arts and Culture to the Community.

For more than 200 years, the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) has been dedicated to providing world-class higher education in the fields of health care, law, and social justice. As part of its strategic planning process, UMB has also made it a goal, through its Council for the Arts & Culture, to both promote the history of the institution and surrounding neighborhoods and celebrate the creative talents of the University community.

In addition to bringing performing artists to the UMB campus to provide a more enriching environment for students, faculty, and staff, this spring the council will also publish the inaugural issue of 1807: An Art and Literary Journal. Named for the year in which the University of Maryland School of Medicine was founded, the journal will give members of UMB and neighboring communities the opportunity to express themselves creatively through art and the written word. The cover of the first issue will showcase a painting by Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan, who is the arts council’s honorary chair.

“The high-caliber original works that will be published in 1807 will broadly and creatively relate to the council’s themes of social justice, health, healing, the mind, and the body,” says
Jennifer Litchman, MA, senior vice president for external relations and special assistant to UMB President Jay A. Perman, MD.

“For 212 years, the University of Maryland, Baltimore has been known as an institution of higher learning for the professions,” says Litchman. “Today we want to add the arts and culture to our day-to-day world. We continue to evolve!”