Whether you’re looking for an interesting or controversial documentary on a topic new to you, you only have the attention span for shorts programs or you want to be the first of your crew to see all the hottest features from the film festival circuit, the Maryland Film Festival, May 8-12 in Station North, never disappoints.

The only challenge is that there are so many films and only four days to try to catch them all.

That’s where we come in. We’ve selected a handful of features, docs and even shorts that might appeal to you.

Options include dark comedies; a moving film set in 1989 Ethiopia; movies starring Jesse Eisenberg, Selma Blair, Jeff Goldbum and several of our other favorites; and even a documentary about news anchor Mike Wallace.

Click through the gallery above to find our top picks for you and have a great festival!

Click here to read brief reviews for “Fig Tree,” “Frances Ferguson,” “Mike Wallace is Here” and “The Mountain.”

For complete film guide, go to mdfilmfest.com.