To those lacking the wanderlust gene or who are more austerity-minded, travel might sound like an unnecessary indulgence. After all, traveling abroad or even here at home can be a pricey and exhausting endeavor.

But the celebrated health guru of our times, Dr. Oz, recommends that you hit the road as soon as possible. According to the TV personality, surgeon, best-selling author and alternative medicine proponent, traveling has been proven by medical research to reduce stress levels while improving our productivity, creativity and moods. For men, vacations tend to lower rates of cardiovascular disease by more than 30 percent; for women, a lack of vacationing can produce a higher risk of heart disease and propensity for depression.

Still, we would simply contend that the act (and art) of traveling greatly stimulates the gray matter while nourishing the soul. Little else in this life can substitute the thrill of leaving one’s cares behind for a week or two of R&R on the beaches of Aruba, or taking in the annual migration of the wildebeest and zebra in Serengeti National Park, or exploring the ancient Middle Eastern wonders of Petra and Akko. Not to mention the countless points of interest that make America one of the most traveled about and intriguing places on Earth. (Indeed, why not get your kicks on Route 66, as the old song suggests?).

“Travel makes one modest,” surmised the great French writer Gustave Flaubert. “You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.”

We couldn’t agree more. So hit the road, Jack, and by all means bring your credit card. You’re gonna need it.

But that’s OK. You’re definitely worth it.

The following are but a few meditations, memories and musings on travel, exploration and, most of all, adventure!

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh — There’s a lot to do in Pittsburgh — from the Andy Warhol Museum to the Carnegie Science Center to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

The Cotswolds: Picturesque Perfection — There is, of course, much more to see and do in the Cotswolds, but our quick visit was certainly enough to entice us to return for a longer stay.

San Miguel de Allende: Slice of Heaven — Whether looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation or retirement alternative, consider adding San Miguel de Allende to your short list.

Ugandan Odyssey — A visit with the Jewish community known as the Abayudaya proves to be a spiritually enriching experience.

Lions of Zion — The Baltimore Zionist District celebrates a half-century of its teen mission to Israel.

The Power of Remembrance in Germany — Germany’s Jewish past is quite present — even when you’re not explicitly looking for it. And, sometimes, you quite literally can trip over it.