WJZ-TV anchor Mary Bubala asked a racially insensitive question during a recent interview about the resignation of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. The station subsequently fired her.

Here’s Bubala’s original apology:

Here’s what some Jmore readers are saying about whether or not Bubala should have been fired:

The ladies were supposed to be the answer to the question of electing white males to the office. They (and we) held themselves to be better than the guys. Mary just said what many were thinking … this isn’t working, what will? —Judy Colbert

Frankly, I’ve been wondering if all people are prone to corruption when they get some power, not any one classification. The whole thing has been terribly disturbing to me. —Marjorie Goodman 

She made a mistake — Alan Eccleston 

No she should not have been fired! — Mignon Rosenthal

Yes, Mary Bubala made a mistake; however, I feel the firing was too drastic. I fully understand that emotions are charged now in Baltimore. However, second chances should certainly be in order. Baltimore needs healing now more than ever before. —Robyne Hock

This is tantamount to being executed for shop lifting. Management is sorely lacking in good judgement. Apology and short suspension should have sufficed. —Howard Levinton

It was a very stupid and insensitive question, but she offered a genuine apology. I think the firing was too harsh. WJZ could have handled this better. —Fran Maizels Rifkin

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