By Logan F., 6th Grade, Krieger Schechter Day School of Chizuk Amuno Congregation

After four years, Krieger Schechter Day School has bought back lacrosse. Stepping into a season to coach many girls who have never played lacrosse is a challenging task, but Hannah Banks, KSDS MakerSpace teacher, was brave enough to take on the challenge and fill the role of lacrosse coach at the school.

At the beginning of the season, many girls had to learn the basics, such as how to hold a stick and how to throw and pass a ball. The KSDS team underwent a rebuilding year, which is when a team does not keep records of its scores because it is in learning mode. 

After many practices, the team was ready for its first game. Excitement filled the air as the KSDS bus pulled up to Dumbarton Middle School. At one point, Dumbarton was up three goals, and one of its team members shot toward the KSDS goal. Logan F., a sixth-grader at KSDS, saved the shot. When it was KSDS’s ball down at the offensive end, one of the KSDS players, Sara S., went for a shot and scored. It was Krieger Schechter’s first goal in four years. KSDS lost the game, but the players held their heads high. 

The team worked hard and progressed throughout the season, as many of the parents and other students noticed. Most importantly, Coach Banks has seen a huge difference. “The team has gone from only a few girls being able to catch, pass, and scoop up a ground ball, to every player being capable of and knowledgeable about the lacrosse game, rules and regulations. I have never seen such a learning curve! The girls improved so much each game,” Banks said, proudly. “The coach from Odyssey School complimented us on how far we have come after the second game compared to the first game we played against their team.” 

Hannah B., a sixth-grader on the KSDS team, agrees that the team has many strengths. “One of the team’s strengths is our offense. We are really good at catching and passing,” she said.

Banks also credits the team’s emotional strength. “The strengths of our team include persistence, being supportive and encouraging toward one another, and an ability to take direction.” 

There is, of course, room to learn and grow more. “I think the team often got down after being scored on or losing the starting draw,” Banks said. “It takes a lot to stay positive and not to give up during a game, especially if the score had a large disparity.” The team never gave up and worked hard to turn its weaknesses into strengths.

Throughout the season, the playerswere encouraging toward each other. Banks thinks this was one of their best qualities. “During practices and games, players encourage one another, and during water breaks, everyone was bonding,” she explained. Many students are hoping for a team next year, and Banks hopes the program continues as well.

Banks also said she would coach a little differently next time.  “If we had a team next year, I would take everything I learned from this year and adjust accordingly.”  She would continue to show tutorial videos, and she would make sure to clarify all rules in advance of the games. 

The team had a great season. They did not just learn about lacrosse, they also bonded and grew very close. They had a great coach, which made the season 10 times better.

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