By Andrew W., 6th Grade, Krieger Schechter Day School of Chizuk Amuno Congregation

A new rule at Krieger Schechter Day School aims to make sure student laptops are used exclusively for educational purposes during the school day. The new rule does not allow students to play games or watch videos that are not school related on their laptops at all during the day, even during students’ breaks. Students and teachers have mixed opinions about this new rule, which was officially instituted following Passover and spring break of this year.

Karen Booth, Assistant Middle School Head, believes that this new rule is long overdue. “I think that students will get used to it and be fine,” Booth says. “This will be the rule going forward. Teachers will tell students when to use computers. In a perfect world, this will work.” 

Booth strongly believes that this rule will prevent students from growing too reliant on their screens. Students hold different opinions, however.

Jackson M., a sixth-grader at KSDS, describes this new rule as “very, very strict in a way, but it is for a good reason because kids should just talk to each other [instead of being on their screens].” Although Jackson does not completely agree with this rule, he thinks that students’ academics will improve as a result. “I think this could affect [students] in a good way because they will be focused on their work and do it more efficiently.” Jackson concedes that there really is no other way to address students’ overuse of social media and computer games.

Personally, these rules seem like a good change to me. They limit students’ time on their screens, which is a growing problem in the modern day. However, the students at KSDS go to school for eight hours a day, and some continue to after-school activities. With these time commitments, young students might get stressed and want or need a break. For most children, computer time is the best way for them to relax, to escape the struggles and stresses of the real world. With this new rule, however, students no longer have the ability to do that. For this reason, I would argue that the school should bring back computers at break to give students’ brain some time to recharge.