You’ve purchased top-of-the-line styling products, invested in the best blow-dryers, brushes and irons, yet somehow your home blowouts fall flat. If so, a blow dry bar may be the solution to your hairy situation.

In recent years, blow dry bars have been popping up across the country. These establishments provide customers with salon quality blowouts without the cut or color.

Jmore recently sent beauty expert Ariel Lewis to the newly opened Blo Blow Dry Bar in Foundry Row, where she experienced the full blowout experience. Here’s what she told us:  

Rolling Out the Pink Carpet

From the moment Ariel walked into Blo, she received the star treatment. It started with a glass of prosecco. From there, Ariel’s hair stylist took her time getting to know Ariel’s hair texture. Then, she perused Blo’s illustrated book depicting its seven signature styles. With styles like “Pillow Talk,” “Executive Sweet,” “High Society,” and “Red Carpet,” there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

“When picking a style, you have to pick one that speaks to you,” says Ariel. “Ultimately, you want to pick something that makes you feel like yourself.”

The entire blowout process took about 45 minutes, with Ariel’s stylist loosely blow-drying her hair before using a round brush and curling iron to achieve the volume Ariel wanted.

“As a client, being walked through the steps helps you feel at ease because you feel you are in the hands of someone who will really get to know you,” Ariel says. “My stylist was detail-oriented and really knew her stuff.”

Different Textured Hair, Different Kind of Care

“The telltale sign of a good blowout is how long it lasts, which should be three to four days, depending on texture,” says Ariel, whose Blo blowout lasted four days.

That being said, blowout length depends on hair texture and there are different ways to care for different types of hair.

Normal to Dry Hair: Someone with dry hair should start conditioner at the scalp to provide hydration, shine and a smooth finish. You’ll know if you have normal-to-dry hair if your blowout lasts for at least three days, with small touchups from dry shampoo.

Oily Hair: Someone with oily hair should start conditioner an inch below the roots and avoid leave in detangling spray. You’ll know you have oily hair if your hair is greasy after day one of a blowout.

The Right Stuff

A perfect blowout calls for the perfect products. Blo uses products by Unite and Color Wow.

“Unite is a well-known, top-of-the-line, professional-grade vegan product that gives you the results you need without the chemicals,” says Ariel.

You can also cut blow-dry time in half by using Color Wow Speed Dry spray and avoid frizz in the summer heat by using Color Wow Dream Coat, which Blo applies to the hair pre-blowout.

“Both of these products work like RainX and allow the moisture to slip out of the hair. Using the right products primes the hair, which is why professional blowouts last longer than at home ones,” says Ariel.

Finally, a silk pillowcase increases a blowout’s longevity because the material doesn’t absorb product.

“This is a long time beauty secret,” says Ariel. “I use one and promise it’s not a hack.”