If you were told a 30-minute facial treatment could change the appearance of your skin and provide a gorgeous glow, you’d want to try it, right? 

Jmore beauty expert Ariel Lewis was eager to try the treatment dubbed “the Holy Grail of skin care.” We sent her to Studio of Makeup and Skin Health in Owings Mills, where more than 5,000 HydraFacials have been
performed, to dig beneath the surface and find out what those rave reviews are all about. 

Checking HydraFacial off the Bucket List

Ariel didn’t know what to expect going into her HydraFacial, but Studio of Makeup and Skin Health owner Karen Weiner, a 24-year veteran of the beauty industry, and esthetician Sarah Schneider explained. The treatment is done using a trademark HydraFacial machine with a vortex technology that funnels all the debris out of the skin and infuses the skin with serums that can address any concerns. 

Jmore beauty expert Ariel Lewis receives a HydraFacial treatment from Sarah Schneider, an aesthetician at Studio of Make-Up & Skin Health in Owings Mills. (Photo by Steve Ruark)

“My skin felt amazing afterwards,” says Ariel. “It feels like someone suction-cupped all the dirt out and smothered me with amazing, cleansing, healing serums that will last long after the treatment is complete.” 

Schneider also used some high frequency, which kills the bacteria underneath the skin, cuts blemish time in half and helps prevent future break-outs. Altogether, the treatment took about 25 minutes, and Ariel’s skin looked like glass afterwards. 

Who Benefits

HydraFacials are great for all skin types, men and women alike. The facials are said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, create elasticity and firmness, even tone and skin texture, lighten brown spots, clean out congested, oily skin and take care of enlarged pores. Additionally, there is no downtime after the procedure, making it perfect for brides-to-be. 

Sarah Schneider, left, an aesthetician at Studio of Make-Up & Skin Health in Owings Mills, shows the impurities extracted from the face of Jmore beauty expert Ariel Lewis, right, after a HydraFacial treatment. (Photo by Steve Ruark)

“After a facial with manual extractions, I walk out with redness and irritations,” says Ariel. “With this, I don’t see anything. Sarah was able to manually clear out a few pimples and then use the machine to extract the rest of the residue so it didn’t leave my skin raised, irritated or vulnerable.” 

People with good skin can benefit from getting HydraFacials every three weeks, while those with more problematic skin should consider more frequent treatments. And while this is good for all skin types, those nursing, pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy or using Accutane need to steer clear. 

Cheers to a Five-Star Review

Ariel was so impressed she booked herself another appointment.  “I’ve probably had over 100 facials, and this was unlike anything I’ve ever had,” she raves. “It feels like there has been a change to my skin on a deeper level.”

Jmore beauty expert Ariel Lewis drinks a Skinade skincare supplement after a HydraFacial treatment. (Photo by Steve Ruark)

Following the HydraFacial, Weiner gave Ariel a beverage called Skinade that helps strengthen your skin from the inside out by increasing natural collegian production. 

Ariel says three days after the treatment, she still had that glow and her makeup looked better then ever. 

With 90 percent of Studio of Makeup and Skin Health customers switching from traditional facials to HydraFacials, it’s safe to say Ariel is jumping on that bandwagon! 

Ariel Lewis is the owner of Airbrush Makeup by Ariel and the Alist. For information, visit ariellewis.com or alist.team.  Follow Ariel on instagram @ariellewisllc or @a.list_travelteam