Change in progressive companies is an inevitable reality, often bringing new opportunities and growth. But many employees find change uncomfortable.

Dealing with the unknowns of change can catch employees off guard. Whether it is a change in management, software systems, location, policies, procedures, mergers or acquisitions, employees need one vital ingredient for success: a positive attitude.

Reminiscing about the good ol’ days is not beneficial. Old rules and “the way things used to be” are replaced with new rules and “this is the way it is going to be from now on.” If you are open to accepting change, you will transition into your new reality much more easily.

Management wants and needs employees who will eagerly implement their decisions. Resistance and a negative attitude toward change lowers morale and decreases productivity. No one likes a naysayer; consistent negativity makes you a likely candidate for termination. Instead, wait patiently to voice your opinion and offer it only when it is sought out.

During mergers and acquisitions, it is important to make yourself as versatile and flexible as possible. If your position becomes obsolete, let management know about other capabilities and skills you have. Promote yourself as an asset to the organization, even if your position overlaps with another employee’s job description.

Technology is a fact of life. You may find it challenging when your organization implements new technology or software, yet resisting new systems may cost you your job. Transform your attitude and be thankful that your employer is willing to train you in new skills, which can only enhance your career.

It will reflect well on you to get on board with changes as quickly as possible. View change as an opportunity to grow, meet new people or learn new skills. Display confidence and eagerness to perform whatever management deems necessary.

Change in the workplace can be perceived as challenging or threatening. After the initial trepidation, many people accept the changes and find they are for the better. If you embrace change with enthusiasm, excitement and a positive attitude, many new opportunities will present themselves and you will be a productive and valued employee.

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