Tired of cooking at home, but uncomfortable with ordering takeout in the midst of a pandemic? Pearlstone Kitchen at the Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown may be the answer to all of your prayers.

“We’ve been asked for years [about] when we’re going to start selling and delivering our food,” says Eve Wachhaus, deputy director of the Pearlstone Center, an agency of The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore. “Now, we have the availability to do that. We are now offering meals from our farm to your table!”

Pearlstone Kitchen’s meals are all prepared under the kashrut supervision of the Orthodox Union and are wrapped and sealed for delivery. All farm produce used in Pearlstone Kitchen’s recipes are organic-certified.

So far, the community has responded enthusiastically to the service, says Wachhaus. “We’re in our first week, and we’re already sold out,” she says. “Shabbat sold out first.”

Sukkot Family Farm Festival
Families boat during the Pearlstone Center’s
Sukkot Family Farm Festival in 2017. (Photo by Steve Ruark)

Rachael Walkins, the Pearlstone Center’s director of culinary and retreat services, says her team “feels fortunate to be able to produce and deliver delicious and healthy meals to [the] community during these times of crisis and isolation.”

Adds Rebecca Pauvert, Pearlstone’s executive chef: “Preparing food is a creative and passionate endeavor with many rewards. In these turbulent times, it takes on a new level of importance. In its urgency, it is humbling and sacred.”

Here’s how the meal delivery service works: Every Wednesday at noon, Pearlstone Kitchen posts its menu for Monday through Friday for the following week. Customers are encouraged to place online orders as soon as possible. Meals are prepared for four or six people, and add-ons — such as parve soups, and egg and tuna salads — are also available.

A typical meal might look like the one available for Thursday, Apr. 30. It includes braised lamb stew with carrots and mushrooms, roasted fingerling potatoes, braised greens with fennel and carrot cake for dessert, and costs $80 for four servings and $99 for six servings.

Deliveries are free if they are within the 20-mile delivery route radius shown on the Pearlstone Center’s website (http://pearlstonecenter.org).

Prospective customers concerned about the spread of COVID-19 can rest assured that all of the kitchen staff have completed the ServSafe food-safety training and certification program, says Wachhaus.

In addition, she notes, “We have contact-less delivery. That means we leave the food at the door with no personal contact.”

Lemon rosemary chicken legs
and thighs with mujadarra. (Provided photo)

Though Wachhaus cannot guarantee that Pearlstone Kitchen’s meal delivery service will continue once the pandemic is over, she says she is hopeful about the prospects.

“We’re getting requests about deliveries of Pearlstone Farm’s strawberries,” she says. “We’ll see. Check the website. …

“I am so excited for the pandemic to be over so we can welcome everyone back to Pearlstone to enjoy our beautiful land,” Wachhaus says. “For now, we want to stay in touch with the people in the community who have enjoyed Pearlstone for so many years.”

For information, visit http://pearlstonecenter.org/pearlstone-kitchen/ or email kitchen@pearlstonecenter.org.