Avoiding or surviving COVID-19 is one thing. Recovering from it is quite another.

A physical therapist who lives in Pikesville, Dr. Amanda Macht feels strongly that not enough pandemic-related coverage and discussion has focused on recovering from the coronavirus.

“Now that COVID-19 survivors are headed out of the hospital, addressing recovery is essential,” says Dr. Macht, proprietor of Harbor Physical Therapy in Federal Hill. She and her staff have been providing their clientele with telehealth physical therapy and one-on-one video visits.

“Telehealth physical therapy can help people with many different needs, including COVID-19 survivors who need to take precautions in recovery before jumping back into work and life,” Dr. Macht says. “In addition, hospital workers working long shifts, and the general public now working from home in makeshift office set-ups, can also benefit from telehealth physical therapy to ensure they are taking proper care of their bodies.”

The following is a video made by Dr. Macht offering advice and tips on how to recover from the aftereffects of COVID-19.