With the High Holidays approaching, we must ask ourselves – can we safely proceed with traditions we’ve upheld our entire lives, or must we find ways to creatively “gather” that won’t put our friends and family members in harm’s way? Even if we cannot safely congregate, there are ways in which we can remain feeling connected to our spirituality and our families – even if it looks vastly different from past years.

Send Well Wishes in a Video

Film a personal message for the people in your life that you traditionally gather with in person during the High Holidays. A sweet message for your grandfather can be played again and again during a time that many are missing day-to-day interaction! How can you execute?

1. Select the right tool to film your message. From your iPhone to Microsoft Teams, you probably have many options at your fingertips. Choose the tool that you are most comfortable with and hit “record”.

2. Securely upload and send through the cloud. Most video files are large and have trouble sending as an attachment. We recommend Microsoft SharePoint to upload and produce a secure link to send to your loved ones.

Host the Family Dinner over Video Chat

The reality of hosting a dinner with your group may not be possible. How can you execute a virtual gathering?

1. Choose your video platform. Leverage Zoom for the family to share a virtual meal and wrap up the evening with after-dinner trivia; or, for those using devices with sensitive information stored, use Microsoft Teams: a program designed with security and compliance in mind.

2. Designate the menu and send Grandma’s secret recipe to each household to prepare. Don’t forget to encrypt the file – we wouldn’t want that getting loose!

3. Schedule testing sessions with select family members. Setup time with family members that are new to video conferencing to walk through the basics. By Rosh Hashanah, they’ll be a pro!

In 2020, flexible communication tools proved essential for maintaining the important connections in our lives: family, friends, community and likely most drastically, with our team and clients. To learn how you can leverage these same tools to work more effectively during the workday, visit our website.

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