The Jewish Federations of North America’s leadership development program, National Young Leadership Cabinet, educates the next generation of global Jewish leaders and philanthropists from across the United States.

The Baltimore Jewish community has always been an incredibly engaged one, and so, it comes as no surprise, that there are six incredible individuals who are participating.

The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore recently spoke with some of these rising, young professionals to learn more about their experience and commitment to making the world a better place.

How has the pandemic changed what’s important to you?

Zack Garber

Zack Garber: The pandemic has shown everyone the fragility of life and the importance of health. We have to remember to be thankful every day for our health and the health of our friends and family around us. The pandemic has also shown the importance of connectivity and the role that having internet access plays in our lives. I run a podcast on my free time, Charm City Dreamers, and have dedicated my recent episodes to focus on race equity and digital access, as these two issues have become extremely apparent in the recent pandemic.

What is the importance of being a leader?

Hirsh Ament

Hirsh Ament: When I think about leadership, I’m reminded of the saying, “managers move armies from place to place, leaders take armies where they never thought possible.” Leadership gives an individual the opportunity to inspire others, to communicate a vision of what is possible and motivate others to achieve a goal. With those as guiding principles, I think the importance of being a leader is clear: it enables me to effect change beyond what I could accomplish alone. Being a leader allows others to prosper and grow, and to continue to make a positive impact on their immediate community and beyond.

How does your involvement with The Associated influence what you are passionate about?

Isaac Pretter

Isaac Pretter: Being part of The Associated Board of Governors and Associated Jewish Charities’ board has allowed me to see firsthand how proactive and thoughtful our Federation is in handling the numerous challenges resulting from the pandemic. It is critical, now more than ever, that we have a central planning system for our Jewish community (unlike most Federations that compete with Jewish agencies in their communities).

I realize how important planning is and I am proud to be part of this community which is looked up to by other communities from around North America.

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