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At the onset of COVID, business was disrupted overnight.

Our customers’ needs and priorities changed, as did ours. And while Advance remained steadfast in our mission to improve our customers’ businesses, how we do so had to rapidly evolve with the changing landscape. Advance needed to support our customers differently through an unprecedented crisis. So Advance acted immediately to arm our customers with technology and support that enabled them to remain operational through the crisis, while improving their businesses long-term.

To truly understand how COVID was impacting our customers, we sat down (virtually – of course!) with many of them to understand how the current climate affected their organizations and their new challenges. How have they needed to pivot their strategy? What impact did the pandemic have on their long-term goals? Predictably we heard that they needed to work effectively in a remote environment. But overwhelmingly, they shared their desire to bring their teams back into the office in a safe and effective manner to improve productivity, resource management, and most importantly, for cultural preservation.

Armed with the latest insights from our customers, Advance quickly developed and provided the tools, technology, and support to help our clients create safe, secure, and efficient workspaces for employees and guests, while also enabling remote workers to execute seamlessly and securely from anywhere.

Since each organization has unique circumstances and goals, Advance deploys an assessment process to understand the current environment and develops and deploys an ecosystem of technology, software, and processes, such as nocontact temperature-scanning kiosks and software, to digitize their previously manual or people-based workflows, to help our partners work more efficiently and safely from anywhere.

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