There are certain gifts nobody wants to find themselves on the receiving end of – socks from the in-laws, a poorly fitting item of clothing from an ill-informed grandparent, some dusty relic from someone’s attic, a re-gifted novelty mug with the original wrapping paper creased and re-taped. We’ve all been there – or at least heard the stories – and while we know the meaning of The Festival of Lights is not to collect presents for eight nights, we’re still human. We like giving and getting!

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Jmore staff and contributor Michael Olesker share stories about some of their favorite, best, worst and most touching gifts. Grab a cup of cocoa and unwrap the goodies.

A True Hero’s Gift by Michael Olesker

Little Things Mean a Lot by Alan Feiler

A Teddy Bear Adventure by Amanda Krotki

My Sweetest Gift Ever by Molly Blosse

Ungifted! By Simone Ellin

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