Jmore’s Holiday Guide 2017 features recipe suggestions, a look at Chanukah customs and more Festival of Lights fun. So, let us help you get through the rest of the year in one festive piece.

Happy Chanukah

(Photo courtesy Center for Jewish History, Flickr Creative Commons)


Chanukah Gift Guide 2017: Holiday shopping, Charm City-style

Here are 8 New Children’s Books for Chanukah: New books sure to kindle the flames of imagination in young readers

Chanukah 101: Answering Some Age-Old, Oft-Asked Questions About Chanukah

Chizuk Amuno, Beth El Celebrate Chanukah with Party and Fireworks

How the Cookie Crumbles: The Mondel Broad Bakery is one woman’s celebration of the ‘Jewish biscotti’

Pikesville-Born Farmer Brings Israeli Olive Oil to the Free State: Israeli Harvest brings some of the best organic Israeli olive oil to Maryland.

Of Dosas and Dreidels: Pamela Ehrenberg’s new children’s book blends cultures through food and youthful wonder.

Local Attorney Self-Publishes Debut Children’s Book: “Shlufferville” takes a Seussian approach to Chanukah.

Yo La Tengo: The world’s most famous indie rock Chanukah tradition makes a comeback

From Israel to America: Sephardi Inspiration for Chanukah

Chanukah on Ice: In Budapest, Chanukah Comes Out of the Shadows and Onto the Ice Rink

Sufganiyot Get all the Hype: But this Humble Moroccan Doughnut is Israel’s Chanukah Staple.

Food for the Festival of Lights: This Chanukah, treat your friends and family to an unforgettable, international culinary experience.

Healthy Chanukah: Here’s a Chanukah menu with a lighter touch

Brisket recipes
More Chanukah recipes

Truly a Time for Miracles: As commercialism abounds, the fragile bud of holiday spirit fights for its tiny little life.

Presence More than Presents: Ways to “take back” Chanukah

The ‘Ugly’ Side of Chanukah: Alan Feiler on the ugly sweater trend

A Boy Murdered for his Gelt: 5 unusual Chanukah stories from the past 100 years

Festivus for the Rest of Us sweater

(Screenshot from uglychristmassweater. com)

Whatever you’re celebrating

Presents of Mind: Jmore staff members share their stories about their favorite, worst and sweetest gifts.

8 Crazy Shopping Events: Here are some holiday markets that will help you avoid the mall.

Party Time! The season’s sexiest looks include slinky slip dresses and shoulder-bearing tops.

Beauty Beat: Get Glitzy: Drink a toast to your most gorgeous and glamorous holiday season ever.

Christmas Trees and Twists of Challah: Isaac “Irvin” Levin made holiday cakes for the goyim.

A-Sham food festival: Christmastime in Haifa means a celebration of Arab food.

To Gift or not to Gift? The proper etiquette for workplace gift-giving.

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Get some holiday makeup tips from Ariel Lewis:

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