Next year, the beloved rom-com “When Harry Met Sally” turns 30. Nonetheless, the hilarious and poignant film, starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, seems timeless.

Among the film’s many highlights — remember the immortal “I’ll have what she’s having” scene? — are the interviews that director Rob Reiner conducted with elderly couples who shared stories of how they met, their courtships and their enduring love.

Although their stories weren’t particularly unique, we wanted to hear them anyway. In fact, those of us who will admit to watching “When Harry Met Sally” on multiple occasions — we know you’re out there! — want to hear them again and again.

Somehow, we never tire of contemplating the nature and essence of love.

In our second annual “Love Issue,” Jmore features four couples who generously share their love stories with readers. From a couple just beginning their lives together to a couple who’ve spent more than seven decades together, we believe their stories will warm your hearts.

An Awkward Encounter: When Ross and Dr. Emily Taylor talk about how they first met, it’s as though they are reading a scene straight out of a Jewish fairy tale.

Finding ‘Mr. Right’: They’ve been together almost a dozen years and married for four, but local actor Bruce Nelson, 52, and psychologist Dr. Richard Goldberg, 54, still emanate the romantic energy of new lovers.

Living Testament: At 94, Morty Weiner is slowing down. He’s hard of hearing, suffers from congestive heart failure and walks gingerly with the use of a walker that Esther, his wife of 71 years, gently but insistently reminds him to use. But his memory is as sharp as it was the day he met Esther.

This Magic Moment: Newlyweds Marisa Obuchowski and Adam Yosim remember their first encounter as — literally — magical.

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