“People don’t take trips. Trips take people.” — John Steinbeck 

It’s that time of year when folks are just starting to imagine coming out of the winter chill to plan their summer vacations. Whether a local excursion or a trip abroad, traveling has the power to renew and transform our outlook, offering moments of transcendence and clarity.

As the late author Pat Conroy once said, “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”

Jmore asked a few inveterate travelers to share some stories about their favorite points of destination.

Safe journeys!

What Happens in Vegas, by Simone Ellin
The lights, the colors, the enormous hotels, the upscale stores, the people-watching … Vegas really did resemble “Disneyland for Adults.”

London Calling!, by Aliza Friedlander
Tourists who want to experience London like the locals will find hidden gems all over the city.

Brussels: Europe’s Most Underappreciated City, by Carol Sorgen
The city’s focal point is the Grand Place, a lively square that was once the economic and administrative center of the city. Today, it is filled with cafes and lined with shops.

A Fresh Start in Rwanda, by Sophia Neiman
A trip to Rwanda is more important now than ever before. The country is incredibly beautiful and inspiring, well worth the long plane ride.

Moroccan Delights, by Alan Feiler
Nate Pesce loves a good adventure. So a couple of years ago, when the Ellicott City-based freelance photographer and cinematographer got the opportunity to travel to the Kingdom of Morocco, he jumped at it and enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. View the photos.

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